Create an exciting future Technological development of TOHKAI THERMO Introducing TOHKAI THERMO's unique adhesive-related technology and information on cutting processing technology. The technology and know-how we have cultivated may transform your business. Please feel free to contact us with any issues or problems related to adhesion.

Main Technologies

Laminating Fusec

A process in which two or more types of materials such as fabrics and films are bonded together by single-sided or double-sided adhesion using special technology to add new functions and values that cannot be carried out by themselves. It can also be used for materials that are difficult to bond with conventional bonding. From two types, thermoplastic sheet type and glue type, we propose the best way for customer inquiries.

Light Shielding

We create blackout fabrics as customer’s request. It does not easily wrinkle when it is rolled or bent, and we are proposing it to various companies in the fields of automotive interiors, curtains, building materials, and apparel. Complete light blocking (100% light blocking), heat blocking, UV, and deodorant functions can be added, so please contact us.

Dot Coating

We coat wool, cotton, rayon, nylon, polyester, and other fabrics with thermoplastic (hot-melt type) adhesive dots. The particle size, elongation, and texture of the adhesive can be adjusted.


Using our design system (CAD) and automatic cutting machine (CAM), we cut a wide variety of fabrics into the specified shape and size. After cutting, we can consistently perform the work of folding and packing the fabric.