Message from President

President of TOHKAI THERMO Keiichi Asano
Progressive spirit and Innovation New value for Customer's Business and Society

Our history dates back to 1958 when our founder Kazuo Asano founded Tohkai Boshoku Co. Ltd., in Ogaki-City, Gifu Prefecture. Though Tohkai Boshoku was a hair interlining manufacturer, Tohkai Boshoku established the foundation with the response of customer's first and strength of development capability based on a challenging spirit, and in 1967 company built a factory at the current headquarters.
The turning point came around this time. It is the second generation president Shigeo Asano who visited Europe and encountered fusible interlining. "The era of fusible interlining will come in the future." Based on such confidence, the company launched our own brand "Thermofix®", fusible interlining with the technology introduction from Kufner, Germany.
After that, while increasing the product variation of the fusible interlining responding to the evolution of apparel industry, we also developed an approach to find new applications and possibilities in the adhesive technologies that we have cultivated as our own. We are expanding our business fields to various fields including the automobile industry. In addition, we have responded promptly to the rapidly advancing globalization and have also expanded widely overseas.
TOHKAI THERMO considers Monozukuri is to make the world trend and customers' needs faster and better than anywhere else. This attitude is still being handed down; a "passion for challenging new business" is our basic DNA.
We will continue to pursue Monozukuri manufacturing just like Tohkai Thermo, and we would like to contribute to the development of customer business and the creation of a rich society.
We appreciate your continued guidance and support.

Company overview

Established October 1958
Representative President Keiichi Asano
Capital 100 million yen
Net Sales 4.8 billion yen (Group Total/2022 May results)
Number of Employees 173
Location of Headquarters 4-53 Ohi, Ogaki-City, GIFU
Business contents 1.Apparel material business (manufacture and sale of fusible interlining, hair interlining and garment accessories)
2.Industrial material business (Integrated production system from development to production)
3.Living material business (Utilizing our unique adhesive technology and Know-How, we propose fabrics and items that create new value and market)


Companies in Japan

Headquarters / Head Plant 4-53 Ohi, Ogaki-City, GIFU 503-0836 MAP
Phone +81-584-89-3111 / FAX +81-584-89-4172
Nishi Ogaki Plant 7-5-7 Kuzegawa-cho, Ogaki-City, GIFU 503-0974 MAP
Phone +81-584-81-8111 / FAX +81-584-81-9750
Tokyo Branch 5F Iwamoto-cho BLD, 3-11-8 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO 101-0032 MAP
Phone +81-3-3863-7375 / FAX +81-3-3863-73600
Osaka Branch #302 TTN BLD, 1-4-1 Minami-shinmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-City, OSAKA 540-0024 MAP
Phone +81-6-6941-8220 / FAX +81-6-6941-6022

Group Companies

THERMO(SHANGHAI)CO., LTD. 129 Shen Shi Road, Baoqiao Village, Malu Town, Jiading, Shanghai
Phone +86-21-69156225 / FAX +86-21-62735647
TOHKAI THERMO(Hong Kong) CO., LTD Flat A, 14/F., Shield Ind. Centre, 84- 92 Chai Wan Kok Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong MAP
Phone +852-24984471 / FAX +852-24136183


October 1958 TOHKAI BOSHOKU Co. Ltd., is founded
March 1961 Original hair interlining product “Type G.W.” is announced
March 1967 Headquarter Plant is relocated to Ooi, Ogaki-City
March 1969 Fusible interlining brand "Thermofix®" is announced
June 1972 Company name is changed to Tohkai Thermo Co., Ltd.
April 1977 The company joins corporate membership of IACDE (International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives)
July 1979 TOHKAI THERMO (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is established
November 1983 Japan's first adhesive resin 'double spot' type is announced
May 1985 Japan's first stretch processed yarn fusible interlining "Etor" type is announced
February 1988 Industry's first thin fusible interlining "Etor (ET 10)" is announced
March 1993 Nishi-Ogaki Plant is completed (full transfer of hair interlining manufacturing department)
April 1994 TOHKAI THERMO Shanghai Office  is opened
October 1996 Next generation hair interlining "NEO" is announced
August 1997 Keiichi Asano is appointed as President
June 2000 Tohkai Thermo Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is established with its own funds
March 2002 THERMO(SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. is established in Shanghai Jiading District
October 2002 The company obtains "Oeco-Tex standard 100"
December 2005 Newly development resin "GF Coating (GLOBAL FUSION)" is announced
October 2008 The company celebrates its 50th anniversary
December 2009 Fusible interlining with moire prevention function (patent) and gradation hair interlining are announced
August 2013 Mass production of automotive interior materials is started
October 2019 The company obtains "ISO14001”
October 2021 The company obtains "IATF16949 : 2016” (Automotive industry standard)
January 2023 Selected as “one of the 100 textile companies in Japan that will lead the next generation”


logomark of TOHKAI BOSHOKU

1969 "Thermofix®" is announced

membership of IACDE