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Apparel Materials

We offer a wide range of products of Interlining which holds the top share in Japan such as Fusible/Hair Interlining and processed Interlining products.

Hair Interlining

An important secondary material that creates the “Face” of Suits and Jackets.
We help to make High Quality apparel products by selecting products according to the product concept and application.


New Standard “NEO Series”

The Interlining meets Modern Needs
It is made by polyester and corresponds to both washing and dry cleaning. It is also an environmentally friendly product that uses recycled materials and finished without dyeing.

  • Moderate Volume and Lightness
  • Suitable for Washing
  • Non dyed. Use Recycled materials

Airy Light “AL series”

Modern Luxury Interlining
Luxury Interlining that is breathability and light weight. It brings wool natural hand feel with Light weight. It is also suitable for both washing and dry cleaning.

  • Very Light
  • Natural Volume and Hand feel by Wool mixed
  • Suitable for High-Quality Suits and Washable Jackets.

Classic Hair Interlining

Classic/Premium Wool Hair Interlining
This Classic type continues to be chosen as an Interlining that supports the base of high-quality Suits, Jackets and Coats with a focus on tailoring and comfort.

  • High-Quality Texture
  • Excellent Volume and Hand feel
  • High Resilience

Woven Interlining

Trusted Fusible Interlining Brand「THERMOFIX」
TOHKAI THERMO started production and sales for Fusible Interlining in the 1970s, ahead of the industry. We are the leading Manufacturer of the Interlining in Japan with our unique technology, developed modern fusible interlining. Interlining is a very important material that is indispensable for clothing. Depending on the selection of the interlining, the texture and tailoring effect will change, and it is truly the foundation of clothes. We propose interlining suitable for the product while making use of the designer's creativity.


  • Suits / Jackets Front / Lapel / Parts for Suits
    Light~Heavy weight
  • Tailored High-end Interlining
  • Uniform Washable ~ Heavy wash
  • Tops / Blouses Thin ~ Light weight
  • Bottoms Inside belt / parts for Bottoms
  • Outerwear Various type of Interlining for garments such as coat / Jacket Light ~ heavy weight

Garment Materials

Processed products made by Fusible/Canvas Interlining
More beautiful, more comfortable and High quality.We provide the items depends on customer’s ideal and demands.



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