Adhesive processing technology cultivated in manufacturing interlining to various industrial fields

With our technologies and know-hows that we have cultivated since the company's foundation in 1958,
we can offer special adhesive processing technologies to solve the problems of customers such as fabrics being stuck together,
coating specific substances to a fabric to make it functional,
and pasting different kinds of fabric and sheets together.

Our advantage

  • Substantial in special fields

    Substantial in special fields

    We possess numerous special adhesive processing technologies that other companies may find difficult to deal with. We have experiences with a wide range of fields including apparel, automotive interior applications.

  • Integrated production

    Integrated production

    We have constructed a domestic integrated production system that can provide high-quality processing services promptly. We will also respond to your requests such as small lots with multiple varieties.

  • Customer's perspective

    Customer's perspective

    Our aim is to co-create unique products by facing customer's problems and troubles. Please let us know your request "if you can make such a processing product".

Products and technologies pick-up

Hotmelt adhesive sheets

Hot melt adhesive sheets are created using hotmelt adhesive resin developed as TOHKAI THERMO's original brand "Fusec". Adhesion is completed by using the correct temperature, press and time to the resin. It is excellent in initial adhesiveness, versatility and it is economical, while being solvent-free, which means there is no need for ventilation. It is an adhesive sheet friendly to people and the environment.

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1. Environmentally friendly
It is a solvent-free adhesive so there is no need for ventilation.
2. Adhesion by heating and pressurization
Adhesion is completed with proper addition of temperature, press and time.
3. Breathable
If it is one of our net / web series with a mesh structure, it will be excellent in breathability.
4. Compatible with a wide range of materials
We can offer it for using with a wide range of materials including clothing, automotive interior materials, etc.
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  • Fusible interlining for leather

    Since the leather is a natural material, its elasticity can be varied depending on the site or the using environment. The backing material is dedicated to the leather. By keeping the elongation in vertical and horizontal directions and applying hot-melt adhesive on one side, then laminating it to leather with hot press, the elongation of leather is made standardized. The durability of leather products may increase with using our fusible interlining.

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  • Laminate processing

    It is processing giving new functions and values that cannot be carried on a single material by adhering one or more materials such as cloth and film, with single-sided adhesion or double-sided adhesion using a special technique. It can also be used for delicate materials that were difficult to handle with conventional bonding processing. We offer an optimal method suitable for the customer from two types; flat type or glue type.

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An example field of our products and technologies application

Since our foundation in 1958, our products and technologies
that have been improved may change the future of your business.



We offer special processing technologies to solve customer's problems
including bonding and laminating processes.

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