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TOHKAI THERMO engages garment accessories and industrial-materials.

Clothing materials / Hair interlining

What is 'Hair interlining'?

What is 'Hair interlining'?

Hair interlining is the interlining made of several materials of such as animal hair and wool.
It is a garment accessory that plays an important role in making front part of suits and jackets. A beautiful silhouette can be shaped by choosing a hair interlining according to the usage application.
* Animal hair: Hair of sheep, camel, karakul, etc. Raw material with excellence in suppleness, texture and hygroscopic properties


  • Selected hair interlining <Type G.W.>

    It is using examined animal hair that has an excellent shape retention property.

  • Refreshing and light weight hair interlining <Airy light>

    Material weight is 100 g/m². It is a light and soft type.

  • Washable hair interlining <NEO>

    It is a type suitable for household washing.

Clothing materials / Fusible interlining

Clothing materials / Fusible interlining

What is 'Fusible interlining'?

An interlining with hotmelt adhesive applied to a base fabric. It is widely used in apparel production sites which have rationalization advances. Prior to the rest of the industry in Tohkai Thermo, we introduced technology from Europe in the 1970s and announced our own brand "Thermofix®" of fusible interlining.


  • For women’s clothing

    Our products can be suitable to your needs with our abundant variations from thin to thick interlining (14 to 150 g).

  • For men’s clothing

    Combined several kinds of original yarns with different characters, our products can create a luxurious feeling and fine texture.

  • For professional uniforms

    With its excellent durability, product can be dyed at 100℃. Cleaning durability required for rental uniforms is also achieved.

  • For casual wear

    We offer a range of products from dry cleaning durability to domestic washing with hot or cold water.

Clothing materials / Garment accessories

Clothing materials / Garment accessories

What are Garment accessories?

Tohkai Thermo deals with various products not only interlining but also the products that can help finishing the clothes more beautifully. We offer optimum materials according to your needs.


  • Sleeve head rolls

    Our sleeve head rolls maintain the silhouette of the sleeve attachment and give volume to clothes. We have a wide range of products according to your desired texture and function.

  • Stretch-proof tapes

    Our product lineup is broad as our interlining products. We offer tape varieties that can be applied to all apparel products.

  • Inside belts

    Our inside belts have features of moderate stretchable properties, dimensional stability and wash resistance. They can make the waist part of the bottom clothes more beautiful and comfortable.

  • Shoulder pads

    We have a variety of shoulder pads such as a lightweight type and a washable type. They can create beautiful shoulder lines.